Please view detailed information regarding the Types of Inspections ARCHImedia perform.

ARCHImedia can offer a number of services that may meet your needs. If you can't see the specific service here, check the section BEFORE YOU CALL US or contact us with your specific issue.

    Checking the plans & contract documents to ensure that you are clearly aware of what it is you are going to get for your money.
    Checking the progress of the building through the construction progress and at payment stages to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for and that the work is up to standard.
    These include, final inspections before hand over, defects liability period inspections, and inspections relating to problems that the builder has not resolved.
    Examination of the building, noting defects and the preparation of reports for builder’s warrantee issues and for hearings, mediations and court cases.
    Owner builders who are required to have an inspection of the building for a warrantee and for the section 32 contract document. These include all work not just new buildings and reports for vendors who need to know what to expect when an inspector comes to the house and what they are likely to be telling the purchaser about your house.
    Pre purchase inspections that will ensure that the purchaser knows what it is thay they are paying for, what needs to be fixed and how much it is likely to cost.

When purchasing a home or investment property you need answers to the following questions:

ARCHImedia can give you the answers you need and help you to make an informed decision based on expert advice. We are the foremost experts in pre-purchase home inspections and have the highest qualifications combined with a wealth of experience. We have been carrying out house inspections in Australia since 1975 and we are the role model to which our competitors strive. ARCHImedia will inspect your house, advise on necessary repairs, who should do them, when and how much. The service is prompt, thorough and comprehensive. As an informed buyer, you will be able to budget for any necessary repairs just like budgeting for the rates, loan repayments and stamp duty. And we give you advice on feasibility of future extensions while we are on site at no additional cost.

Some of the types of inspections we carry out for our clients include:

Our inspectors are highly qualified and are registered as Master Builders and Chartered Architects. Below we outline the services we provide. Read detailed information regarding our professional inspection services.

Dispute Resolution Service

Pre Signing of Contract Advice

If you are one of those many people who find yourself out of your depth when confronted with a hefty building contract to wade through and sign, and you need some expert advice on where the likely pitfalls are going to be, we can peruse the documents. We can prepare a list of issues that are likely to be causes for a dispute down the track, so that you can have these clarified with your contract partner before you sign on the dotted line.

Breach of Contract Advice
Failure to Perform Advice
Post Contract Fault and Failures Advice

If your contract partner has failed to give you what the contract says you are paying for, we can prepare a report that will assist you in making a claim against your contract partner.

Preparation of Reports for Building Disputation

If your contract partner fails to attend to matters that are clearly their obligation to attend to, we can prepare a report that will assist you in making a claim against your contract partner.

Expert Evidence and Court Appearances

If you are embroiled in a dispute that you are unable to resolve and are taking the matter to a place of jurisdiction for a determination, we can prepare a report that will assist you in presenting the claim. We can attend that tribunal to present clear and independent evidence that will be recognised by the tribunal.

Assistance with Insurance Warrantee Claims

If your contract partner has carried out work that is structurally faulty or not to a recognised and acceptable workmanlike quality and will not accept responsibility for that defective work, you may choose to make a claim against your building warrantee insurer. We can prepare a report that will assist you in making a claim from your warrantee insurer.

ARCHImedia services a broad range of inner Melbourne Suburbs (inner zone of above map up to 20kms from the CBD).

We can also travel to suburbs greater than 20kms from the CBD and to regional areas. Additional travel fees apply and can be quoted at time of booking.