• Our focus is on sound independent advice and a commitment to customer service and excellence has been the constant focus of the organization.
  • We strongly maintain our independence so that our advice is clean of any potential conflict of interest.
  • Our policy is to offer the highest qualified service at a fair price.
  • The inspection service promises a quick response, a comprehensive inspection and an immediate and detailed report including a comprehensive back-up service.
  • The organization is focused on high quality advice by trained and qualified 'in-house' consultants. We are not an agency for under employed architects or failed builders. All work is carried out by our own people who are highly qualified and well experienced in their area of expertise.

Our History

  • ARCHImedia was first registered in Australia in 1976 as a design and construction group. The specialist inspection service was the first set up in Australia at the time.
  • Over the early years the focus has widened to include professional advice on building faults and failures which has led to assisting clients in the resolution of a range of building disputes.

Consultation - Expertise When You Need It Most

The building business is complex and full of problems.

Bad workmanship or materials, a disagreement over expectations or a failure to meet the demands of a contract, builders, tradesman, owners and developers are frequently at odds about their buildings.

It's when things go wrong that you need someone with the right expertise to ensure that the dispute is contained and managed.

You may need some good legal advice but you will almost certainly need expert building advice. This is not the time to be asking your friendly builder or architect to see if they can help out. This is the time when you need an expert to step in and address the issues that have driven the project off the rails.

ARCHImedia has been recognised as one of Australia's leading companies, specialising in building faults, failures and defects in the building industry. Our services range from third part intervention and process resolution to expert witness services and we have one of Australia's leading experts heading our organisation.

If you are concerned about the building work on your project, if the contract is in tatters and you are in dispute or if you are heading into a courtroom to press your case, you need good, independent, expert advice. ARCHImedia are the foremost experts in this area of the dispute process and can offer you the highest qualified expert advise.

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Our Principal

Graham Wines is the director and chief executive officer of ARCHImedia. In 1973 Graham graduated as an Architect from 'The Polytechnic' school of Architecture, London, and gained post graduate qualifications in environmental sciences from York University. Graham received high distinctions for his research work on the subject of 'Building Faults & Failures'. In 1975 he came to Australia and after working with the Victorian government and winning his first competition, he joined a large design & construction company as the director of design & marketing. He later went on to create ARCHImedia.

The author of "Buying and Fixing Your Home" he is recognised as a leading expert in the areas of building defects.As well as from the ongoing development of ARCHImedia, he maintains a 'hands on' grip on the building and design processes, placing him at the top of the list when it comes to experience, practicality, knowledge and expertise. With his years of practical and academic experience he has acquired a vast body of knowledge. With this knowledge he is regarded as an expert in the building field and has acted as an independent expert for clients involved in building disputes form small to large, from local to international.

Graham is also a practicing master builder and has been registered since 1979. He is a graduate of Monash University's David Syme business school where he has a posts graduate degree in Business Management. He has his Masters degree in Business Administration from Monash University's Mt. Eliza School of Business & Government. He has design citations for domestic architecture and was the first winner of the prestigious designer of the year award for domestic architecture and kitchen design. He was invited to represent Australia under the citizen ambassador program to the United States where he represented Australian architects. He has lectured in construction, building failures and faults and building design at Melbourne University, Rusden College and Footscray Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.